Lahori Karahi


These dishes are specially prepared and cooked by our chef in the karahi (wok-like dish originating in Lahore)



With tomatoes, green chillies, garnished with fresh strands of garlic, ginger, coriander and lightly flavoured with delicate garam masala (mixture of subcontinent herbs and spices).

Chicken £7.50 £12.50 £20.00

Lamb £8.50 £13.50 £22.50

Fish £8.50 £13.50 £22.50

Desi Specials 

Traditional recipes passed on from one generation to the next, originating from the city of Lahore.



Lamb trotters delicately sautéed in its own spicy masala sauce.


Strips of lamb ripe delicately sauteed in its own spice masala sauce.


Curry dish made from lamb shank (rarely beef) and spices. Garnished with coriander leaves.


A wholesome Hyderabadi dish made of meat and cereal and served garnished with fried onions, mint and lemon wedges.


Specially prepared in the karahi (wok-like dish originating in Peshawar). With tomatoes, green chillies, garnished with fresh strands of garlic, ginger and coriander.


Dum Bukhte Biryani


Aromatic Basmatic rice cooked with pure flavours then infused with various herbs and spices. Served with curry sauce or raita.

 Chicken Biryani £8.50

Lamb Biryani £8.50

Prawn Biryani £10.50

Vegetable Biryani £7.50



Tandoori Roti £1.20

Tandoori Naan 

Small (serves 1) £1.50

Family (serves 4+) £5.95


Keema Naan £3.50

Stuffed naan bread with minced lamb and herbs.


Stuffed naan with nuts, raisins, desiccated coconut, golden sultanas and a drizzle of honey. 



Stuffed naan bread with shredded garlic and herbs


Stuffed naan/roti bread with freshly-cut coriander and herbs.



Stuffed naan bread with grated cheese and herbs.


Butter rich bread rolled and baked in tandoor.



Stuffed naan bread with chopped onion, green chilly and herbs, garnished with sesame seeds.



Boiled rice £2.50

Basmati Steamed Rice.



Specially cooked basmati rice. 



Scrambled egg tossed together with pilao rice.



Spiced minced lamb tossed together. With pilao rice.



Mushrooms together with pilao rice.

Salads and Extras

Fresh salad

Small (serves 1) £1.95

Family (serves 4+) £3.50


Chips/Fries £2.50


Raita £2.00


Plain Yoghurt £1.50







(2 per portion)

The perfect start to the meal. Great for cracking!


Onion Bhajee  £2.00

(2 per portion)

Chopped onions in gram flour batter and deep fried.


Samosa  £2.00

(2 per portion)

Light pastry filled with mixed vegetables, folded into triangular parcels and freshly fried.


Aloo Tikki £2.95

(3 per portion)

Snack made out of boiled potatoes, onions and various spices.


Veg springs rolls £2.95

(3 per portion)

Crispy filo pastry stuffed with mixed vegetables, crunchy on the outside and juicy inside.


Vegetable pakora £2.75

Vegetables (potatoes, spinach and onions) Marinated in gram flour together with spices, herbs and fresh coriander and deep fried.


Chilli Paneer £4.45

Diced paneer and sliced fresh mixed peppers simmered in a tikka sauce.


Paneer tikka £4.95

(3 per portion)

Diced paneer chunks marinated in mild spiced yoghurt with green peppers and onions, cooked over charcoal.

Veg platter £10.95

An assortment of vegetarian appetisers, includes 2 spring rolls, 2 veg samosa, 2 veg pakora, 2 paneer tikka, 2 onion bhaji and 2 aloo tikka.


Street food


Papri chaat £2.75

Crunchy paper (wheat crackers), mixed with a blend of herbs and spices created a tantalising taste.


Gol Gappay £3.50

(5 per portion)

also referred to as panipuri is a common street snack in several regions of the Indian sub continent, Served with a spicy tamarind water with potatoes and onions.


Sev Puri £3.50

(5 per portion)

Puri filled with tamarind paste, chick peas, potatoes and garnished with yogurt and a green in-house chutney.


Veg Samosa chaat £ 4.45

Mini cocktail samosas tossed together with chick peas and a touch of tamarind sauce.




Katlama £2.50

Spring lamb minced with onions, green chillies, fresh herbs and coriander coated into a crispy pastry and deep fried.

Keema Samosa £2.00

(2 per portion)

Light pastry filled with minced meat and peas, folded into triangular parcels and fresh fried.


Chicken Pakora £2.45

Strips of spicy chicken breast deep-fried in batter.


All starters served with Mint Yoghurt Sauce, Red Tamarind Sauce with chopped onions, Mixed Pickle, Sweet Mango Chutney and Maaza Chutney.


Seafood Specials


Fish Pakora £3.95

Succulent chunks of fish marinated in a pioneering marinade, fried to perfection.


Punjabi Fish £4.95

Chunky fish fillet marinated in a pioneering marinade, fried to perfection.


King Prawn Tempura £6.95

(3 per portion)

Battered fried prawns.


Seafood platter £16.95

Includes 2 pieces of tandoori fish, 2 pieces of king prawn tikka, 2 pieces of fish pakora, 2 pieces of king prawn tempura.




All available in Lamb, Chicken or Keema.


Balti £6.95

These dishes are prepared by our chef in the same way as the karahi but served in a baltic (miniature wok-like dish originating in Birmingham around the late 1960s) with tomatoes, green chillies, fresh garlic puree, ginger puree, garnished with coriander and lightly flavoured with delicate garam masala (mixture of subcontinental herbs and spices).


Jalfrezi £7.50

An interesting blend of garlic, fried onions, ginger and capsicums (green bell peppers) producing a traditional Asian taste.


makhani £7.95

A medium sauce seasoned with spices, butter, tomatoes, almonds and cream, cooked on a high flame.


Tikka Masala £7.95

Available in Lamb Tikka or Chicken Tikka. Specially prepared dish using masala (spicy condensed curry sauce) and fresh yoghurt.


Korma £7.95

Mildly prepared dishes cooked in a yoghurt, cream and specially seasoned with flaked almonds.


Madras £7.50

These dishes are prepared with a rich spicy sauce, consisting of tomato puree and hot spices.


Rogan Josh £7.95

A Sauce consisting mainly of fresh tomato puree and other spices.


Bhuna £6.95

True eastern style taste, which consists of tomatoes and yoghurt cooked on a slow heat to give a dry textured look.


Dopiaza £7.95

A sauce consisting mainly of fresh onions, tomatoes and other spices.


Specially prepared by our Head Chef and developed from our regular clientele response.


Punjabi chana £6.95

Whole chick peas sautéed with a pure butter ghee, green chilli and a blend of six spices.


Murg Mussallam £8.95

Sliced mushrooms, keema, grilled tandoori Chicken and peas cooked in chefs special sauce.


Special mile Juli £12.95

A Speciality created by our chef using a combination of the favourite dishes on the menu. (recommended to share)


Dal Makhani £6.95

Black lentils with a rajma slow cooked in butter and cream.


Egg mutton kofta £7.50

Minced mutton balls cooked together with coriander, garlic ginger, spices and shallow fried in its own juices and sauce. Served with a boiled egg.


Lamb chops masala £8.50

Masala Lamb chops slowly braised in a rich sauce and served with a garnish of fresh green chillies, ginger strips and coriander.


Haandi £8.00

(served on the bone)

Available in lamb or chicken, Traditionally cooked in a clay pot, using tomatoes as the base, this dish has been created by our chef, to give you a rich smooth sauce with a tantalising taste.


AChari Ghosht £8.25

Sweet and sour boneless lamb cooked with fresh tomatoes, green chilli and pickling sauce. as lightly fiery dish.


Panchrangi Dal £7.50

Urid black and white lentils, chana and moong lentils, red kidney beans cooked in a medium sauce, tempered with garlic and dried red chilli.


Karela Gosht £8.95

Bitter ground cooked with succulent lamb cubes to perfection.


Veg Mains

These dishes have all been cooked in a spicy medium curry sauce which bring out their own natural flavours from the vegetables.

Bombay potatoes £5.50

Potatoes cooked with special sauce.


Brinjal masala £5.50

Aubergines freshly cooked with herbs.


Bhindi Masala £5.50

Okra cooked dry and spiced.

Mushroom masala £5.50

Mushrooms cooked with onion, tomatoes and herbs.


Aloo Saag £5.95

Potato and spinach cooked in a rich masala sauce.

Chana masala £5.50

Chick peas sautéed in spices and served in a rich masala sauce.

Mixed Vegetables £5.95

Assortment of vegetables including cauliflower, potatoes, peas, capsicums, cabbage and carrots mixed with herbs and mushrooms


Dal tarka £5.50

Lentils cooked with a hint of fried ginger and garlic, creating a distinct aroma!


Mutter paneer £6.50 

Fresh home-made cottage cheese with peas and spices.


Saag Paneer £5.50

Fresh home-made cottage cheese with spinach and spices, a favourite in the sub-continent.


Add a bit of extra flavour with our selection below


Mushrooms or okra £0.75

Chana Dal or Chana (chickpeas) £0.75


Potatoes, onions, peas £0.75

Green Chillies or spinach £0.75

Mixed vegetables or peppers £1.25

Paneer £1.75

Chicken, Lamb or Keema £1.75

Prawns £2.50

King Prawns £3.95

Charcoal Sizzlers

Thee dishes come on a sizzling platter served with onions, capsicums and cooked on a charcoal (tandoori) BBQ with a splash of olive oil and lemon Juice.


Chicken Tikka – Starter £4.50 Main £9.95

Diced boneless chicken marinated in mild spiced yoghurt, cooked over charcoal.


Lamb Tikka – Starter £4.50 Main £9.95

Diced boneless lamb, marinated in mild spiced yoghurt, cooked over charcoal.


Lamb Chops – Starter £4.50 Main £9.95

Lamb Chops tikka marinated in mild spiced yoghurt, cooked over charcoal.


King Prawn tikka – Starter £6.50 Main £12.45

Jumbo king prawns marinated in mild spiced sauce, cooked over charcoal.

Chicken wings – Starter £4.50 Mains £9.95

Cute chicken wings marinated in mild, spiced yoghurt, cooked over in a tandoor.


Tandoori Chatkaara Chargha – Starter £3.95 Main £7.95

Spring chicken marinated in yoghurt with delicate herbs and spices, cooked in the tandoor.

Tandoori fish – Starter £5.75 Main £11.95

Fish of the day marinated in a rich mixture of yoghurt, herb and spices marinade.

Seekh Kebab £2.50

The “Best in town” tender lamb or chicken minced with onions, herbs, fresh coriander and green chillies cooked over charcoal barbecue in an open plan kitchen.


Murge Malai tikka £4.45

Marinated pieces of chicken breast cooked in a tandoor with cheese and cream marinade.


Mixed Grill £12.95

(Serves 2)
An assortment of chicken (2pcs), lamb (2pcs) and chop (2pcs) tikka’s with -seekh kebab, reshmi kebab and chicken wings (2pcs).


Mix Grill xl £16.95

(serves 3)

As above but also includes 2pcs (paneer tikka and king prawn tikka).


Mixed Grill XXL £22.95

(serves 4-5)

As above but also includes 2 pcs (haryali tikka and malai tikka)